Case studies Filipe

Filipe (6)

Demographic and biographical Characteristics

Mother tongue:


Homestead(s) up to now:

Stockholm, downtown and then Lund after graduation and moving to Lund for higher education.

Family background:

Father is a engineering manager at Sweco – a large Swedish technical consultancy company and Mother is a nurse. Have an elderly brother and a younger sister.

Study background:

Started in natural science at gymnasium but turned over to financials. In military I studied some medicine.

Personal profile in terms of interests, hobbies, friends, partners, memberships in associations, own family building plan, preferred lifestyle:

I like very much News in any kind, daily, weekly or other periodic in general but especially in the field of economics and finances, like "The economist" but also internet-based. I like sports such as squash, kayak, gym and more physical and natural sports. Have a girl friend, and we met in Lund. She is part of my future plan even though we met just some months ago. I like big cities but also the country side, so a combination would be perfect.

Present ambitions and contextual conditions for next step in life career:

A career in finance consulting after the final year of finance at Lund University.


Study program engagements, work experiences, experience of different living conditions, other countries:

MBA program not yet completed (1 year left). In military formal education with certificate for some medical operations. Have worked four weeks in Afghanistan as part of my military duties. No part-time work at the moment in parallel to my studies.

Biographical notes on important changes in life, career plan or lifestyle. Key factors that have influenced the current life situation, positively and negatively:

The move from Stockholm to Lund is of course important but have not changed my general future plans or ambitions. The interest for finance has grown over time as a focus area for my interests.

Good and bad conditions in life for realization of current ambitions, lessons learnt. Experiences of positive and negative reactions from others to performed transitions or actions in relation to life career ambitions:

Have experience of telemarketing and also tight contacts and meetings with people (in military and other contexts) that have given me high self-confidence in communication with other and many people.

Ad hoc learning experiences

Experience of different kinds of formal, non-formal and informal learning experiences of relevance for present situation and personal self-confidence. Important learning experiences made of relevance for further career planning.

I was a squad leader with some experience of leadership in the military during the Afghanistan operations. After these experiences I don't mind being put into a stressing or pressing situation with many people involved.

Support Services used

Different kinds of services help and support from other people, friends, institutions, study counselors, social agencies, member organizations, AIESEC

At Lund, LINC - Lund University Finance Society - a student organization for students in finance - has been important for my contacts and London field experiences of the financial district in London city. LINC arrange these kinds of excursions. Some important contacts have been made with people in the London financial districts of high relevance for my future plans to get involved in finance in London. Also IAESEC is important for me and I have got a position as vice-president of finance for IAESEC Lund. That will give further competence in my field of interests.

Experience of supportive Information and Communication Technologies

Use and experience of ICT for social networking, CV design, personal presentation, job seeking, project work etc. Features of ICT that are missing and would be nice to have.

Use of LinkedIn and other social networking tools are used. Had hoped to use Google Wave but seems to be put aside. What I think students are missing is a more direct online service to communicate with the world outside, a kind of "School-in-One" where you can relate to potential jobs and the outer world that you are planning to enter after the studies and make study environments perhaps more like a community-of-practice (CoP) in general and a CoP for finance in my case.

Personal happiness and vision for a good life on Planet Earth, 21st century

What makes you happy? Have you ever experienced a moment in life when you were really happy? Do you have a vision of a really good life for you as a person from a lifelong perspective? How can that vision come through? What is missing?

When it is X-Mas and everybody meets in the family. The importance of this event is growing I think, perhaps because we are growing older and can see the X-Mas holiday as a unique family feast that you no longer can take for granted.

One specific moment of happiness was in the military when I got an opportunity to sleep after 2-3 days without it. Then you realize how much we are taken for granted in our normal conception of happiness.