Case studies Yufeng, the cosmopolitan entrepreneur
Yufeng, the cosmopolitan entrepreneur
Yufeng, the cosmopolitan entrepreneur

Yufeng, the cosmopolitan entrepreneur (6)

Demographic and biographical Characteristics

Mother tongue:
Chinese, mandarin,

Homestead(s) up to now:
North East China, Jiamusi in Tianjin (5 million inhabitants) close to Beijing, Up to 22 years of age.

Family background:
father own business which brought me to the business world in early age. Mother English teacher

Study background:
two BA degrees, one in China in  International economics and Trade and one in Sweden in Economics and Business

Personal profile in terms of interests, hobbies, friends, partners, memberships in associations, own family building plan, preferred lifestyle:
Broad interests, sports, music, travel, fishing, mountain climbing, school friends, via studies and lot of international friends, no girl friend at the moment – change of location, AIESEC member 2006- in China, Rural development agency project work

Present ambitions and contextual conditions for next step in life career:
Urban life style, big cities, urban life but prefer to be in the middle, both rural and urban, looking for job in communication work business networking, perhaps Swedish – Chinese networking. Perhaps later I will run my own business, but first some kind of expert in industry. Open for living in both China and Sweden.


Study program engagements, work experiences, experience of different living conditions, other countries:

  • family work informal at family business, learning from inside
  • Internship in local Chinese company, 3 months with focus on China
  • 2007- Education company in China
  • 2008- AIESEC project manager in Sweden working with sponsorship, logistics for big event for young-to-business meeting events
    Traveling with experience of local life in Berlin, Netherlands, Norway.

Biographical notes on important changes in life, career plan or lifestyle. Key factors that have influenced the current life situation, positively and negatively:

  • Going to Sweden due to an announcement from Lund, Uppsala universities in China and had no other ideas, 2007- Sweden with English language as an argument to study abroad

Good and bad conditions in life for realization of current ambitions, lessons learnt. Experiences of positive and negative reactions from others to performed transitions or actions in relation to life career ambitions:

  • Family is important, support financial and supportive without strings attached (to proceed with family business)
  • Perfect condition would be communication, coordination in business
  • Good condition to get job for experience perhaps in sustainability issues
  • Family support to current future plans

Ad hoc learning experiences

Experience of different kinds of formal, non-formal and informal learning experiences of relevance for present situation and personal self-confidence. Important learning experiences made of relevance for further career planning.

Yes I am self confidence, based on warm and outgoing people, practice of languages and experiences of meeting with other people and big events

Support Services used

  • Different kinds of services help and support from other people, friends, institutions, study counselors, social agencies, member organizations, AIESEC.
  • Try to keep relations with friends and social networking, Asian network, entrepreneuristic spirit, no need yet for social security services.
  • AIESEC has been very important, from China and the English poster, the international spirit, attractive for me, gave some confidence and a kind of cosmopolitan view.
  • Networking between students and business is important, such as the AIESEC Y2B forum and also COP15 in Stockholm as a Global Forum

Experience of supportive Information and Communication Technologies

  • Use and experience of ICT for social networking, CV design, personal presentation, job seeking, project work etc.  Features of ICT that are missing and would be nice to have.
  • Chinese social networking software such as Xiaonei and Wealink, but basically Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter, using daily
  • CV design not yet public, more for friends not yet professionally
  • Google documents good for collaboration
  • What will happen with a stable personal presence and address on the net?
  • eMail will disappear when you have a stable Internet-homepage in full control of connections with other temporary organizations
  • Google for searching jobs, via Linkedin and other services. Applications format on the sites
  • It must be easy to transfer documents, communicate, a service for networking Sweden-China for B2B (Alibaba) trading.

Personal happiness and vision for a good life on Planet Earth, 21st century

What makes you happy? Have you ever experienced a moment in life when you were really happy?
Do you have a vision of a really good life for you as a person from a lifelong perspective?
How can that vision come through? What is missing?

  • Family is important, so a wife is needed for happiness. Good moment of happiness: family gathering and fiesta together with grand parents at Chinese new year fiesta
  • Being with friends when you finish a long course with peers
  • The young generation needs an experience of global citizenship, travel etc with an entrepreneuristic spirit but first experience of traditional business organizations. University does not educate for entrepreneurship, but that will change due to shortage of traditional job openings.