Case studies Tino, the enthusiastic
Tino, the enthusiastic
Tino, the enthusiastic

Tino, the enthusiastic (6)

Motto: I have been extremely sluggish in the past, but this is my big chance now and I will work hard for it.

Demographic and biographical Characteristics

Tino is 19, living alone and is freshly engaged with his girlfriend he is together with since two months.


Educational and transitional pathways:

Tino used to skip school often as he did not enjoy it. After finishing school without a leaving certificate, he started several educational and vocational measures paid by the Employment Agency which he cancelled sooner or later, followed by an unemployment period of two months. He then went to a boarding school to catch up with his “Hauptschulabschluss” (lower secondary school certificate). After having completed this, he was unemployed for another 10 months in which time he applied for vocational trainings.

Tino is currently doing a traineeship on a trial basis in insulation technology and is very positive that he will be accepted for a vocational training by the hosting company. He is expecting positive notice on this within the next days. This company operates globally and Tino already has ambitious dreams to work abroad for the company after finishing his training. He is also playing with the thought of continuing education “to become a boss”.

Motivations and Strategies:

Working is part of Tino´s concept of a successful biography. He wants to make something of his life. However, it is only recently that he started own efforts in this direction. Before, he used to enter support measures that were placed upon him by Public Authorities but used to drop out soon since he did not see the sense in it. His positive work experiences at his current traineeship and the recognition of his workforce are important motivating factors for him to continue with his efforts in order to get a vocational training. His plans for the future are very ambitious, yet somewhat vague and based on very little information regarding concrete tasks and the necessary requirements.

Ad hoc learning scenarios

Learning at a boarding school

In his regular school time as well as in the support measures afterwards, Tino did not find the necessary learning atmosphere in order to finish his “Hauptschulabschluss” (lower secondary school certificate). In the boarding school, this was different. There, he was far away from his old friends who have amplified his tendency to school truancy. Instead, he was incorporated in strict daily structures (early wake calls, bedtimes, lessons, home visits every two weekends). One of the main challenges to him was getting up in the mornings. Within the strict daily plan of the boarding school, he got used to regular wake-up times and tried to keep this habit up in the unemployment period that followed.

Tino reflects his entrance into the boarding school as a turning point in his biography. “From then on everything improved”. This experience was extremely important, since making him more self confident. Tino recommends the boarding school to other pupils as a chance to start from the scratch.

Looking back at his days at regular school, Tino regrets that he missed the chance to learn harder and to receive a better and earlier school leaving qualification.

Probationary work as a door to employment

After having applied for vocational trainings for 10 months, Tino got invited for a job interview (resulting from an online application) and was invited to do a probational training which he is currently performing. He is doing this with great enthusiasm. Noticing that his workforce is demanded (“they want me”) is a new and thrilling experience to him.

Tino proudly reports on his current working life. He enjoys working physically hard, getting an insight into working environments, being part of a team and seeing how the products he is working on take on shape.

Dealing with own expectations and labour market conditions

After school, Tino has made only little effort to find a suitable training but instead has relied on support by public authorities. In his unemployment periods, he discovered that his chances to find a vocational training place were very limited. He learned that achieving a school certificate and a vocational training are important conditions for entering job life.

Nevertheless, he is demanding in his choices. He skipped support measures as he neither liked the practice fields they addressed nor felt this would help him to enter employment. Also, he only accepts to work in his city as he wants to live near to his girlfriend. Regarding his preferred working area he states that “I like to produce things with my hands”. He wants to get dirty, to work outdoors. His current probational training meets these requirements and is a unique chance for him.

Finding the balance between own ambitious wishes and the labour market reality as well as further improving key competencies (motivation, reliability, initiative) remain a challenge to him.

Support Services used

The boarding school where Tino catched up with his “Hauptschule” certificate has been an enormous help as it provided learning structures that were appropriate to his requirements. Tino is member of a Youth Club. Regarding the people working there, he states: “I owe them much”. They have continuously supported him in vocational questions when he asked for help, and amongst others have connected him to go to the boarding school in order to achieve his “Hauptschulabschluss”. Tino expects parents and friends as the most essential support source one should have when moving from school to work. However, in his own experience he was disappointed by both groups. Although his mother wrote applications with him while he was still at home, his parents stopped supporting him (e.g. in financial terms) when he moved out and now show hardly any interest in him. The parents of his girlfriend partly took over this role by sharing meals with him when money was tight. His grandfather works at a local newspaper and has enabled Tino to do a traineeship there. #

His old friends have been a contra productive influence (truancy, disciplinary…), whereas his girlfriend has “ brought happiness back to my life”. In this new relationship, Tino experiences mutual support and motivation as his girlfriend herself is on the threshold to employment.

In his past, Tino faced multiple problems that were barriers to his career entrance: conflicts at home, disciplinary problems, rent- and electricity depts. Regarding the latter, the ARGE (local support center for unemployed) has helped him by taking over his debts and by currently paying Hartz IV (welfare subsidies) until he gets a vocational training. At the same time Tino is critical towards the support measures the ARGE vermittelt: “this has been just crap”.

Learning type

Tino did not benefit much from learning in school but from practical experiences. On the one hand, he has big plans and wants to achieve things by himself. At the same time he lacks own initiative and needs external orientation, motivation and structure.

Information and Communication Technologies

Tino has used the website of the Employment Agency to look for vocational training options. Other than that, his PC is used for listening to music and, in the past, for lan parties with friends. Today he uses the website of his current company to gain information on the working field and opportunities. Regarding G8WAY, Tino has no concrete ideas.