Case studies Maria Angela: Your parents can be your professional trainers.
Maria Angela: Your parents can be your professional trainers.
Maria Angela: Your parents can be your professional trainers.

Maria Angela: Your parents can be your professional trainers. (6)

Motto: You need to update and personalize the experience of your parents.

Demographic and biographical Characteristics

Maria Angela (MA) is 25 years old. She is from Rimini-Italy. Her parents own a lido on Rimini beach and they have been managing it for 35 years. Since she was child she has been helping her parents every summer to welcome tourists, organizing activities for them on the beach, setting all technical things of family lido. She knows very well this job and she likes it despite sometimes she ask herself if she wants to keep working with her parents or to change completely her professional field. During the winter she studies foreign languages and sometimes she works as secretary in some yearly opened hotels of Rimini City. She has a lot of friends and she likes going to gym during the winter months.


Educational and transitional pathways:

At the age of 18 years Maria Angela finishes high school. During these school years she understand that she is interested in studying foreign languages (English, German, Russian) and thus she starts attending the University of Bologna. She is used to interrupt her study during the summer for 5 months in order to be available to help her parents at their lido. From May to September she spend her days on the beach and she lives like in a parallel dimension: from the morning to the evening she is on the beach for months. At the age of 20 years Maria Angela decides to stop working with her parents because she wants to be concentrated on her university study and also because she wants to experiment a new job. She starts working during the summer week-end as touristic guide around Rimini City thanks to a employment of a local touristic agency. For three years she has been studying seriously at university and working for the above-mentioned agency. Her parents are a little upset about her decision because in this way they need to employ someone else and especially train new employers. After some years Maria Angela realizes that she doesn’t like university because its studies are too theoretical and not practical to develop and carry out her job. The university studies put its focus on foreign literature instead of the development and evolution of languages. At the same time she misses her job on the beach and she decides to speak to her parents in order to find mediation between what she likes to do and the requirements of her parents’ lido.

She is still available to work with her parents but at the same time she want to have time to study languages though some virtual classroom on internet and also organize the lido with a new and updated management’s style. MA’s parents accept her suggestion and Maria Angela joins the lido-company as partner. From simple worker she becomes a manager, organizing new activities on the beach and setting the internet wi-fi connection on the beach in order to attract new young costumers. She also attends an online classroom where she can complete her university studies through that approach she likes to have to improve and increase her skills.

Motivations and Strategies:

Maria Angela liked her parents’ job and she also enjoyed helping them. At the same time she needed to make her decisions in order to find her street. The professional passion of her parents was relevant for Maria Angela because they hanged her their passion for sea and beach. They also taught Maria Angela the job and thus Maria Angela loved this job.

She had patience and enthusiasm to learn from her family and develop her skills and competences. At the same time she didn’t forget to follow her interest in learning foreign languages and despite her parents’ position Maria Angela attended the university. She experimented university and a new job before developing her professional career with her parents.

Her strategies were to test and try before deciding how to manage and develop her future and take over the family job. Once decided what she liked, Maria Angela tried to find some mediation and solution in order to have all she loved: her job on the beach with her parents but being a partner of lido-company and not a simple worker. Besides it she also got an on-line languages course.

Ad hoc learning scenarios

The family: Maria Angela learnt a lot from her family and her parents were her professional trainers. She learnt to manage a lido and also welcome tourists, answer their requirements and needs, improve the lido’s business. She didn’t attend any training course to learn this job. The family also taught MA to be aware about her professional future. Despite they were against her decision to go to university and do another job they didn’t impede her to go ahead on her street. In this way family was the main work environment for MA and there she learnt a profession.

Lido on the beach: Since she was a child MA has been managing relation with European tourists and people who speak other languages. She is also able to speak German and English very well and these language and management competences have been developing on the beach since her childhood.

University Classroom: MA attended it to improve her language knowledge. She learnt about the languages literature and it opened a new prospective about languages. Thanks to this experience MA understood what kind of use she liked to do with her speaking skills.

Gym: In this scenario MA had the possibility to meet friends and exchange with them opinions and stories of those people who don’t work with her family. From this exchange she started thinking a new way of living and working.

Support Services used

The main "support service" was the family, which gave MA advice and also knowledge. She always considered her family like a point of reference. She also shared her ideas and plans with friends who make her know Internet and its wide possibility to attend on-line courses.

Another support was internet because in this way she could find an right solution for her situation. She found a good help through Internet because of her job she had the opportunity not to lose months and yeas at university.

Learning type

Intergenerational learning: thanks to her parents and their professional experience MA spent many years of her life learning from them. They were her professional trainers and teachers.

At the same time MA family learnt from her in order to update and re-new their style of working and managing their job. MA’s father and mother taught her all technical and management skills and competence and she achieved them thanks to the on-going practices, which she has been doing for years. At the same time MA taught her parents new strategies to attract new costumers and update the lido-services for a new and young target.

Self-learning and self-management: MA was also able to learn by herself understanding and putting in practices all advice and tricks of the trade which her family passed on her. She also started knowing different languages only speaking with tourists and then through courses at university and on internet.

A mix of formal, informal, non-formal learning: University, beach, gym-friends group and also the new job as touristic guide helped MA to gather different experiences in order to make her decisions. At the end of all these above-mentioned scenarios, MA used different kind of learning to realize how she liked working with her original job.

Information and Communication Technologies

At the beginning MA only used ICT and Web 2.0 to study and attend an on-line languages course. After some months she also used social networks to keep in touch with a lot of her costumers around Europe and the world. Understanding the potential of ICT and web 2.0 and also how many people are used to them, she decided to create a web site of her lido and also put the wi-fi connection on the beach in order to increase her business and re-new the idea of a young lido.

For the G8WAY she suggested to find people who lived the same situation of making decision between a familiar work and a new one in order to share some experience and strategies. She also would like to find some peers who were busy to re-new and update an old job in a new way. In this sense –she said- it would be great to exchange strategies and ideas of different work places but adaptable in each situation.