Case studies Eleonora: My passion can be my work
Eleonora: My passion can be my work
Eleonora: My passion can be my work

Eleonora: My passion can be my work (6)

Motto: If you look for, you can find your street!

Demographic and biographical Characteristics

Eleonora is 20 years old. She likes studying but her true passion is music. She plays trumpet in many local bands. She spends time with friends to play and organize different tours in Italy and Europe in order to find new and interesting engagements. She also likes surfing on the net to listen to bands and emerging music groups through youtube and myspace channels to have innovative inputs for her composing. She likes going to concerts to find people involved in the field of music in order to understand how to transform her passion in a professional career. She believes that music is the only reason to be busy during the day because music gives her the pleasure of living.


Educational and transitional pathways:  

At the age of 18 years Eleonora finishes the scientific high school. She has good marks but she is not interested in going to university. Her parents support Eleonora in her passion for music but they suggest that she should go ahead with university in order to have a good certification for her professional life. Thanks to her teachers, Eleonora is informed that at the University of Bologna there is a faculty dedicated to music and art. She tries to gather more information about this faculty and she makes an appointment with the university student office. She analyses all subjects but at the end she decides that this music and art course cannot answer her needs and requirements. She likes playing and having concrete experiences with bands and people who already work in the field of music and the management of cultural events. In her opinion the faculty of music and art is too theoretical and abstract without any opportunities to improve her abilities. At this point her parents advise her to attempt the academy of music. However Eleonora has another plan. Surfing on the net she finds a music-players discussion forum where most young players share their experiences abroad through an European project focused on the vocational training. The mentioned-project “Leonardo” allows young European citizens to have experience around Europe in order to achieve and improve their professional skills and knowledge. Eleonore goes to the Europe Office in Bologna in order to ask for information. Before attempting the academy of music she decides to try a foreign experience through which she can understand what means to be a professional player. Thanks to her internet-friends she knows that in France there is an association which manages a cultural place where artists like music player, painters, actors, composers live together for a period of 6 months in order to attempt lessons and workshop about events management, European culture and art system and also working  together by mixing different kind of arts. Besides of it, the association carries on some workshop to improve transversal competences (like communicational, organizational and relational skills) in the artists-learners. This French organisation belongs to a European network of cultural festivals and it offers its learners the opportunity to take part in different European events.

Eleonora is absolutely sure that she wants to do this kind of experience and she finds the opportunity to go to France through the European Leonardo scholarship. She gets this chance with the support of the Europe Office in Bologna, which fills in the application form on behalf of her. She spends 6 months there during which she meets young and adult artists who come from all over Europe. She is really busy to take part in every lesson and workshop. She decides to participate in the festival of Avignon like street player, together with an old trumpet player. This is a sort of a further stage for her, because the French organisation is used to suggest this kind of collaboration in order to improve in the young artist the ability to collaborate and work in intergenerational teamwork. Eleonora learns a lot by this experience, especially thanks to the old player who has a long experience in the field of music and the management of events. After 6 months she goes back to Italy and she decides to attend the academy of music. At the same time she tries to find financial funds for young entrepreneurs because she has decided to establish her own association in order to offer the same learning opportunity - she have done- to other young artists. She is still involved in this enterprise creation experience. Now the older trumpet-player and the staff of the French organisation are her tutors and she is still in contact with them. She is also attending an English course to improve her communication skills.

Motivations and Strategies:

Eleonora knew very well her passion for music and her abilities of playing, but she didn’t know how to turn this passion in a professional opportunity. She realised that she was available to do all possible to be engaged with music. She had some ideas about what to do but however she always kept open to listen to her parents and friends in order to understand and discover the best way to carry out her dreams. She took all advise and information like some possible opportunities but then she felt that first of all she wanted to have some concrete experience rather than attending the academy of music after school.

Playing in different bands and being in touch with other players also through the music discussion forum on the net she understood that there were different ways to become a professional player and events manager. These contacts allowed her to reflect and start gathering information and opinions in order to design her plans. She also adopted the strategy to keep open toward the advice and the opportunity, which she received, from her parents, friends, university and Europe offices in order to select the best chance for her.

Ad hoc learning scenarios

The bands and the group of friend-players represented an important learning context. Eleonora developed her passion for music with them and she also exchanged and shared with them ideas, projects, doubts and knowledge concerning her dreams and plans.

Through the group of friends and players she learnt to work in team and also organize some tours for her bands. Besides that she also understood that each player and artist could have a different way to become a professional. Therefore she wanted to find her own path.

Music discussion forum on the internet: Eleonora spent time on the net in order to share and exchange experiences with other players and young people and by these contacts she caught a glimpse of a chance for her plan. Through this forum she discovered an international dimension shared by European young people interested in the field of music.

Thanks to the experience in France Eleonora undertook her experience to become a professional. She had the opportunity to mix formal, informal and non-formal learning experience and this scenario has been fundamental for her in order to understand exactly how to use her competences and abilities in a professional ways. She also realized what kind of new competences she needed to improve her career like player and also events manager. The French organization gave Eleonora the opportunity to learn different aspects about the world of music and art. The artists usually think that they don’t need to attend any school or formal experience because art and music –they say- need only passion and improvisation. However thanks to her different experiences Eleonora contrary understood that an artist needs a strong training at different levels of knowledge. The residential experience in France allowed Eleonora to achieve more skills and knowledge than those she thought at the beginning of her adventure. She had the opportunity to get formal, informal and non-formal abilities and competences in order to have a transversal opinion and view related to the world of music and art.

Support Services used

Eleonora used many support services like, for instance, her teachers of school who informed her about the faculty of music and art at the University of Bologna. Then she went to the university student office to ask for information concerning the training offer. Despite of  this clear information Eleonora was not sure to follow all received advise and thus she chose to go ahead to look for something else which could answer better her needs and requirements.

The Internet discussion forum was a great support for her, because she had the possibility to have other different information and she discovered what she was looking for.Besides it, the Europe office played a relevant role because she got the chance to go to France thanks to the employees who accompanied Eleonora in her application process.

Learning type

Self-learning and self-management: Eleonora learnt a lot by using her experience with bands and music groups on the net in which she was involved. She had good abilities to reflect and understand by herself what was interesting for her plan and dreams. She got fundamental metha-competences. She also managed very well all information she got from different offices.

Non-formal learning: Playing with different music bands and taking part in the on-line forum and music channels she was involved in many non-formal learning environment. Thanks to these experiences she realized her personal and professional plans, sharing knowledge and also doubts. Chatting and writing comments on the on-line forum she learnt to exchange opinions and to select information she needed until to find exactly what she was looking for.

A mix of formal, informal, non-formal learning: the experience in France was a mix of these learning types. The 6 months were structured by classroom, lessons, workshop, tours and stages around many European events. Eleonora achieved knowledge concerning the management of events but also how to promote a group and establish a cultural network. Staying abroad in an intercultural context she started learning different European languages. Then, playing with other older players she understood the important to share experiences and competences in an intergenerational team. She also improved her music skills and developed better communicational and organizational capacities.

Information and Communication Technologies

Eleonora often used Internet, by surfing mainly on music web sites and channels. She also learnt to create some music-spaces and video-clips in order to promote her bands. When she was in France she used skype and other social network to be in touch with her family and friends. Thanks to the music forum she had the chance to find her street and also to have that information that she didn’t find anywhere else.

She suggested creating a blog or forum for the G8WAY users in order to exchange experiences and advise. For instance, she said that it would be really interesting to find on the project portal different cases and information related to the European education and training projects selected for interests, topics and subject: music and art, sport, tourism and so on.