Case studies
Case studies into educational transition
Case studies into educational transition

Case studies into educational transition (0)

The G8WAY partnership currently is undertaking case studies into transition pathways in order to identify trends or patterns in user behaviours, expectations, motivations and experienced support in transitions, which will form the basis for the building of learning scenarios. The best ways to gather this data is to talk to people having completed, or are currently undergoing, educational transitions. This might be through individual interviews or through a focus group or group discussion. A first series of interviews was conducted from April to May 2010, from which the following cases were derived.

Children categories

Nero, the social networker

Nero, the social networker (6)

Motto: I am such a type. I am appreciative of support of my friends, I like having them around, they help me if they can and I do so in return.

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Kat, the idealist

Kat, the idealist (6)

Motto: Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans!

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Marie, the uncertainty one

Marie, the uncertainty one (6)

Motto: Good things come to those who wait.

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Amleto: To be or not to be

Amleto: To be or not to be (6)

Motto: I never thought that I could have such a big satisfaction at a professional level.

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Marco: Don't stop learning

Marco: Don't stop learning (6)

Motto: if you have the right competences you can choose and manage your role and opportunities for your life.

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Ronny, the diligent one

Ronny, the diligent one (6)

Motto: It was a stony way, but in the end it paid out.

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Störte, the natural

Störte, the natural (6)

Motto: Actually, it all worked out nearly perfect.

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Ben, the drifter

Ben, the drifter (6)

Motto: Entertain me, keep me interested.

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Sally: Needs to take some time

Sally: Needs to take some time (6)

Motto: Seeking for some way to make it worth the while.

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Laura (6)

Motto: Work hard, play hard!

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Lia (6)

Motto: Patience and perserverance.

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Ffion (6)

Motto: Nothing I can do about it.

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Sara: Seize the day

Sara: Seize the day (6)

Motto: To have more chances presupposes to be able to choose.

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Eleonora: My passion can be my work

Eleonora: My passion can be my work (6)

Motto: If you look for, you can find your street!

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Mohamed, the middle earth

Mohamed, the middle earth (6)

Motto: Go ahead despite the difficulties you can meet!

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Nora, the hesitator

Nora, the hesitator (6)

Motto: I am afraid of my own guts.

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Michele, the optimist

Michele, the optimist (6)

Motto: Learning by doing. Life is fun!

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Maria Angela: Your parents can be your professional trainers.

Maria Angela: Your parents can be your professional trainers. (6)

Motto: You need to update and personalize the experience of your parents.

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Valeria: Think, Try and Go ahead!

Valeria: Think, Try and Go ahead! (6)

Motto: I knew very well what I liked. When I discovered it was possible I do all my best to carry out it.

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Nick, the handy man

Nick, the handy man (6)

Motto: Practical learning was exactly the right thing for me.

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Sambuca, the challenged

Sambuca, the challenged (6)

Motto: It certainly could have gone better.

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Sascha, the ambitious dreamer

Sascha, the ambitious dreamer (6)

Motto: I should have simply worked harder in school. Now I have to do indirections in order to realize my dream.

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Tino, the enthusiastic

Tino, the enthusiastic (6)

Motto: I have been extremely sluggish in the past, but this is my big chance now and I will work hard for it.

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Adriana (5)

Motto: If you fall down, get up and keep going!

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Cristian (6)

Motto: The right friend in the right moment!

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Daniel (3)

Motto: Study what you are passionate of, work hard and hope !

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